This week’s WCW is, Bre Leach of Just B’n Fit Blog , she is a chic fitness trainer encouraging people to put themselves first.
With a purpose of helping individuals achieve a “Healthy Heart, Mind and Body” how could we not adore her?  As women, I think it’s really important we take interest and pride in our overall health. Clothes and makeup enhance – radiance comes from caring for yourself. So to help you along your way, wherever you are in your personal fitness journey, is Bre. . and she is  about to get us right.

Be Fit With Bre

1. What is & how was your passion revealed to you?

My passion is health and fitness! I’ve been a lover of fitness and movement in general, for some time now! My passion was revealed to me in undergrad at UNCG, when I was interning for a personal training studio and physical therapy center in Greensboro. I just loved helping people reach their fitness goals, and the success stories were exciting to hear. Using my passion for exercise, to encourage others to take care of themselves is all I want to do! I love how fitness makes you feel, inside and out!

2. Name your favorite indie brands to workout in, as well as 3 fitness classes or style workouts you enjoy most.

One brand in particular that I plan to invest in is Glamourina! This fitness apparel brand, is a cultural women’s athleisure brand, to motivate women of color to exercise! The colors are amazing, and the print is one of a kind! Can’t wait to get my hands on a Glamourina set! 
My 3 favorite classes or workout styles are High Intensity Interval Training (great for a short, quick and high intense workout), a cycle class, preferably hip-hop cycle (I love to ride the bike), and Yoga!

3. What does self care mean to you and what is your favorite practice?justbnfitworkout

Self-care to me is all about restoration. When you choose to relax, and go the extra mile to make sure you rejuvenate and hit the reset button on your skin, your mind, and your body, that’s self-care. I would say meditation and yoga would be my favorite practice. I love the calm energy it brings, and the way it allows my mind to recharge and block out any negative energy that tries to invade my space. It’s important to have a healthy relationship with yourself, and give yourself some “Self-love.”

4.Name a workout readers could try today to get the fitness ball rolling.

Well today is National Fitness Day, and I’ve provided some awesome FREE workouts for everyone to enjoy! National Fitness Day is all about moving and exercising your heart, so I decided to create a few workouts, that can be done at home, in the gym, or in your neighborhood park! Above is a snippet of one of the workouts.

For more on these workouts, go to or follow me on Instagram at @justbnfit_ !
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