Happy Sunday, it’s loc wash & face mask day in my house. . .

It’s to cold to make sense of outside, so I’m keeping it cozy and finally washing my hair.  Let me keep it all the way real with you, I lost 1/2 of my first loc last week. Smooth slid out as I took my jacket off – left me a lil speechless  and made me want to love on my hair ASAP.  Hair has never been my shit, when I was young, my mom would braid my hair in individuals and let me be free for weeks. Couldn’t tell me shit then, that hairstyle was my signature. Loved it so much I grew up and got the adult version.

Loving on my locs looks like custom oils & botanical infusions. I swear by the wild growth hair oil duo & use the white bottle 3x a week with water to moisturize my locs. On wash days, I  usually do a deep condition, with olive + coconut oils and a hint of tea tree  & argan .  Occasionally, I make floral scalp rinse for extra hydration – my favs are Peppermint & Rose or Lavender + Eucalyptus. These home rituals are my favorite way to care for my hair naturally.

My locs are an extension of myself. They are Queenish, sometimes heavy, but always worth it. They say it’s a lifestyle, in my 5 years I’ve latched, re twisted, oiled,  massaged and  adjusted my regimen so that it works for my hair & it’s habits. So you can understand why my loc breaking off caused me to panic lol.  Google lead me to an apple cider vinegar  rinse ( ACV rinse) video. This soak essentially removes the lint and product buildup that gets trapped in the hair. The more buildup in a loc, will cause the it to thin & possibly break which is what happened to me.

So don’t judge me, I have done a straight ACV & essential rinse in the shower, but never a head soak with baking soda, like today. I was hype and began by adding the cup of Bragg’s ACV &  cup baking soda, filling up my tub 1/2 way with warm water. I don’t have a sink basin big enough for my head -so I  had to go bigger lol. Once the rinse was mixed, I put on my Yes to Coconut Ultra hydrating paper mask & I placed my locs in the tub for 20 minutes to let all the dirt & lint soak out.  The process, pretty much changed my little loc’d life, my hair is softer and lighter.  Loc family, who has  tried this? What were your thoughts, what products did you use? Should I try any other rinses/ products ? Let me know in the comments, email or tweet me!

ACV Loc Soak


1 cup Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

baking soda

1 cup Baking Soda

sink full of Warm Water

Wash Day Favs

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Strengthen & Grow Shampoo + Conditioner


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