On cloudy days, a spritz of floral fragrance, is all I need to lift my spirits.

TF Fleur De Portofino

Weeks when the weather has me ready to roll over and stay in bed – I rise up,  gets to spritzing and am out.  Today  Tom Ford is leading the way with his carefree & captivating  Fleur De Portofino fragrance. The perfect reminder of May despite the weather mirroring that of early April. Sephora  describes this delicate fragrance as ”  a crisp and bright floral accord, surrounded  with effervescent citruses and acacia honey. The fragrance creates an effect of sheer floral possession that is incomparably hypnotic and extremely bold. ”  This perfume will be your newest super power- leaving you feeling sophisticated & sultry at the same damn time.

Since I’m on a Tom Ford kick -I encourage you to also check out Portofino’s sister scent Mandarino Di Amalfi . A perfect choice for the feminine flower child in your world- this spritz is characterized by Sephora as ” a breeze that is scented with mint, thyme, and wildflowers.” There is beauty in every bottle, find your fix and then proceed to  spray and slay my Creative Queen. 

I’m obsessed with both  bottles and the scented stories they share when spritzed on your most precious points. Seriously, there are so many to choose from, which Tom Ford fragrances are your favorites? Share below!


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