Skin care is suppose to be simple and yield favorable results.

I have a passion for skin care, because I believe it is the basis of physical beauty. The biggest organ of our body, our skin is a direct reflection of how we care for ourselves. Take pride in your being and engage in holistic practices that promote radiance, relaxation and skin renewal. I personally use a handful of products to moisturize, tone, massage and cleanse my body. My intention  in  explaining & then opening the comments for conversation of the four phases of skincare is to help you establish your own rituals and best possible product choices for your skin-type.

As a general rule of thumb, a daily skincare regimen usually consists of the following steps

  • Cleanse– wash face in circular motions, and then pat dry with a towel.
  • Tone – apply product on a cotton pad  and gently pat all face and neck area. During this time you should apply any treatment products like a serum.
  • Moisturize– If you use an eye gel or cream, gently apply that product now and follow up with a face oil or hydrating product on the rest of your face and neck.
  • Sunscreen-If your moisturizing product does not include SPF you will want to add one into the fix, unless you have a tinted moisturizer that does.

Once sunscreen is applied one can apply primer and continue with their morning makeup routine. I’m a minimal makeup type of girl so my regimen is pretty light and consist of the following steps.

  • Tinted moisturizer / BB cream / Foundation (depending on your coverage needs)
  • concealer (to brighten up the under eye area and cover any frustrating blemishes)
  • eyebrows
  • powder
  • basic eyes
  • bronzer
  • blush
  • highlight
  • lip

Looking at my process written down kinda makes it seem long, but I promise this doesn’t take longer than 10/15 minutes. I apply just enough tinted moisturizer to add some dewiness then bronze, brows and highlight to my face. As I mentioned earlier – I believe beauty lies in your skin & self-care.

Suncreen 2

Lets talk a little more about how self-care applies to your skin. What you put into your body is usually seen in your skin. For example, if your not a big water drinker, you may be prone to breakouts. Sunscreen not your favorite – you may see wrinkles a little earlier than planned. Little habits and rituals you partake in today will be seen in your skin down the line. The process of skincare is not meant to be overwhelming, keep it simple. In the beginning I suggest trying out a few different cleansers & moisturizers to find the ones that best suit your skin’s needs but once you find your fav’s this regimen should become second nature.

My morning product list includes

My basic yet effective system is done once a day and then followed up with a simple nighttime routine where I

  1. remove all makeup with mincellar water or taila.made soap
  2. personal face oil mix + Radha beauty cucumber eye gel

Simple right, start incorporating skin & self care practices into your daily routines and witness your skins glow up get real. We will chat more about snacks for the skin in later posts but for now, take an inventory and if necessary evolve your skincare standards. My regimen is based off my combination skin type, share your favorite products below along with your skin type  to help each other along the product journey.


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