Self-care is a personal commitment to invest energy into your overall well-being. Because if you’re not good, how can you make sure everyone else is? I’m a giver, a healer and a Queen – I deserve breaks, silence and treats. This is self-care as I know it, and I encourage you to set a standard for yourself. I spent to many years of my life, giving – when I had nothing on the inside to give. It’s draining and makes one resentful – which has a way of interfering with that beautiful natural glow we women possess.

Balance is important and self time is essential,  I know for some women it can be harder to sit down and chill out than for others, but it’s imperative for all our sanity’s. So let me give you a few ideas of ways you can celebrate your mind-body and spirit. These activities don’t have to be expensive, unless you want them to be. The magic lies in listening to what your body needs. One week it may be a hot bath – the  next a long walk and in a month you may need to cut ties with a toxic person.The needs will change, but the willingness to be aware of what you need intuitively is always constant.

selfcare standard 2

I was shy with my self-care in the beginning, until I realized 1. How great I felt during & afterwards 2. The universe started rewarding me for my personal time outs. My rituals allowed me to become softer, to speak up and to celebrate all the things about myself that I use to be shy about. Long story short – I want you to feel great too sis. Spend time learning and loving on yourself in as many ways as possible.

Self-care & love are interchangeable and necessary – get into it.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to ease into a me time regimen.

Selfcare Session

  1. Long, hot bath’s with an aromatic soak and natural soaps
  2. Mediation in spurts of 10-20 minutes both in the am & pm
  3. A cup of herbal tea at night before bed
  4. 20 -30 minute yoga sessions 
  5. Setting aside some time to journal + create affirmations 
  6. Taking a long walk in the afternoon or early evening
  7. Decorating your home with comforting photos, textiles, plants & flowers
  8. Dancing to sweat or simply forget the day
  9. Cooking a new meal or visiting a new restaurant 
  10. Catching up with a love one or on a good book 

Keep it simple and see how your peace of mind evolves. Partake in moments of self-care daily if you can, as you can see, money doesn’t always have to be a factor. She bosses create a self-care circle with your best girls and check in to make sure everyone is getting a healthy amount of indulgence in themselves. Every woman glows a lil brighter when she is in love with & takes good care of herself. Be that woman Sis. Always rooting for you!

xoxo -Taila Jenelle


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