Weekends with temperatures near 90, mean post up near water, sip & swim.Sunscreen . . check, signature shades. . check. .  Kate Cannon swimwear. . . double check. Ya’ll know I’m all about the indies when it comes to the wardrobe. So  know that I was too hype to come across  Avery Cannon, designer of Maison Kate Cannon. The 22-year-old has been at it since she was a toddler thanks to the influence of her grand and great grandmothers. From luxury handbags to wedding  dresses, Avery has a full understanding of the female figure and fashion.

Recently, she  plunged into swimwear with the launch of her Summer 17  line . I’m completely sweating. . the entire collection. Royal hues paired with sophisticated cutouts equal a serene sex appeal, that screams Queen. Get you one or 3, this collection is a classic.  Learn  below about the beauty behind the brand, and then go treat yourself to a new swimsuit. 😉

HH: Who is the Maison Kate Cannon woman?

AC: The Kate Cannon woman is  classic. She has a timeless style that will never be outdated. She’s a force to be reckoned with. I want to dress the most powerful women and make her feel even more powerful day by day, night by night.

HH: What story does the summer 17 swimwear collection tell?

AC: My new swimwear collection is all about nature. The theme for my lighter colored designs is “Rose” from the jungle. You can see my love of  sci-fi , with my “Neo-Kini’s. These swimsuits  are made only of neoprene, “scuba” as many call it. My collection of Neo-kini’s will be expanded quite soon. 

HH: How would you define your design aesthetic ?

AC: My design aesthetic goes hand in hand with the inspiration of my art. I like designs that can be worn 60 years from now without question. 

HH: Anything else you would like to include?

AC: People can keep up and follow my brand through the  website! We are also on Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram! @MaisonKateCannon on all platforms. 

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