While everyone is running to get a last min Halloween mask – I’m making me a fresh pumpkin one. 

I haven’t been to a Halloween party in years, I’m more of a stock up on treats & binge on scary movies type. My feed has been filled with clever costumes & fierce face beats, I lovee it. In between scroll sessions, I’ve been planning and pampering myself for the upcoming week.  Figured I’d get in the spirit and make a  mask from  pumpkin for you beauties to try when you take your makeup off.

Simple beauty practices are the only way I roll, you’re going to  need a clean bowl & 4 ingredients to make this mask. Take the below list of measurements and pour each into the bowl I just mentioned. When all is added stir the mixture, until smooth & then chill in the fridge for like 5 -8 minutes. While in the fridge you may want to wash your face & pat it dry, as you want to be working with a fresh face.

O.K, let’s do this, grab your mix from the fridge & begin to apply to your face with either a clean face brush or your hands. Spread it evenly across your face in a thin layer and let sit for 15-20 minutes. When time is up, rinse with lukewarm water and pat face dry, before adding a dime size  drop of vitamin E oil, serum or cream.

Build The Base

Keep it simple with the following ingredients:

Pumpkin face mask

1/4 cup Plain Greek yogurt (gentle exfoliate)

3 tsp organic honey (super hydrating & antibacterial)

1 cup Fresh/canned pumpkin puree (stimulate cell regrowth)

Add a drop of oil if you like. . 

Vitamin E – keeps skin looking youthful


Jojoba – similar to sebum, natural moisturizer 

Note that there are a handful of other additives you can use to customize your facial experience. I have combination skin, but this time of year, my chin & cheeks begin to develop dry patches, that aren’t cute & I have to keep under control. You may want to research your skin type and the best possible additives for your desired results.

It’s amazing what you can do with makeup. After the face paint for the festivities, unwind with this easy hydrating mask. Share below if you have or would try this honey pumpkin face mask.



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