If perfume is your shit, this subscription will be your favorite mail of the month. 

When that tracking hints my inbox, I’m checking the mailbox everyday til it gets here. The older I get the less excited things make me, but a new fragrance gives me all the feels. So feminine, each bottle unique, my perfume collection is the essence of my wardrobe. Communicating my mood and energy for the day. Scentbird is my monthly self-care subscription & style muse.

Scentbird Subscription

Like I said, scent is my shit. I will base an entire outfit around a certain fragrance. When your building a business, you always want to look and feel your best, it helps raise your vibration . When I have to do a vending opportunity and will be in the presence of  new people. I want to feel royal, a spritz of the right scent is all I need to get in my zone. Scentbird is a fragrance subscription service that  provides access to  hundreds of exclusive brands. There is a scent for every style, the site makes it super easy to pick  one or two fragrances each month that speak to your signature taste. On months you forget to pick, they will send you a pick of the month, which in my experience, I always love.

Perfume is precious, and can cost a pretty penny, why not try before you buy? For 14.95 a 30 day supply is sent to your door each month.  Try a few blends and splurge on the  full size for the ones for you love. It’s so fun, I’m a few months into my subscription, and am pretty sure I’ll be upgrading to 2 or 3 scents a month. Just last month they added the option to choose hand creams and custom body washes. So much scented bliss going on over at Scentbird, get on board.

Not sure what to start with, check out the 3 I’ve tried since signing up.

Start Your Subscription With These Scents 

  • La Mia Perla 
  • Foxglove
  • Carven L’Absolu
  • Helmut Lang Cuiron

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** This post contains affiliate links. I only promote brands I love & use in real life. **

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