Museum minds, have this artsy & ambitious aura, that always grabs my attention &  support. 

Like Addie Rawr, inspirational African-American artist, who designs to uplift and inject positivity into the black community. Let me let her tell you all about her dopeness right quick. . .

“My art was made for  women to feel like Queens and for men to want to respect that Queen. The majority of my paintings are without faces, which allow others to see themselves in my artwork. All of my pieces are inspired by everyday culture of African-Americans. The way we dress, how we style our hair and such. I am everything Black so all my pieces are a representation of me. Each  piece is a loose perspective of who I am, was or who I would like to be.”

Her shop is a consistent stream of beautiful, brown girl magic with super chic style. I’m not the only one sweating her brushstrokes fashions – she shared she is currently working with a fashion designer to have some of her illustrations made into real life garments. So dope – follow her journey on all channels below.

Facebook: Art by Addie Rawr 
An artist’s appearance is always fascinating and worth asking about – so I make it a point to. As you can see, she’s a certified  style vet. She shared the following thoughts.

“My personal style is simple yet bold. I don’t wear a lot of accessories and love clean and simple patterns. Fashion is a big part of my everyday life. It allows a person to express themselves without saying a word. Adding fashion illustrations into my portfolio was a way of creating looks that I either owned or would love to own.”

Let her work inspire this week’s outfit or artwork investment, trust in the fact it will be super cute.  Leave links to your favorite paintings below.



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