When is the last time you loved on your feet?

Nooo judgement here sis, a lot of people forget about their feet. Everyone ready to rep a flawless face, radiant skin and custom nail art on the gram. Occasionally I see a poppin pedicure, but rarely, if ever do I see pretty feet in slide through my feed. Not that I really want to, but I do want to see creative Queens always living in their light. Beauty is a reflection of the  quality of your self-care. How well are you treating yourself? Are you in touch with what your physical & spiritual body need?

Feet Trio

Right now, what do your feet look like & how do they feel? Are they black on the bottoms, callused, are your toes painted? Never forget your feet are just as important as your fingers and deserve the same care. I don’t want to see your feet, unless you have a dope ass tat, but skin is my thing. It’s Royal and requires regular attention & the appropriate treatment.


Different parts of your skin require different types of love. Your facial skin is delicate  and will benefit from  gentle treatments.Whereas your  feet support you through your life’s journey,those boys tough. Literally carrying  your ass through life Queen, please treat them Royal on a regular basis. Winter is coming,in my best House Stark voice, don’t have your feet out here cracked and nasty -not a good look.

The trio treatment is how I keep my eczema enduring feet soft & sane during breakouts & bad weather.  Left untreated, my soul shatters a little bit, each time I take a step from cracked, peeling or bleeding skin.My life long relationship with eczema has been filled with frustration, but also a necessary awareness of self & spirit care. Rituals like trio help keep my skin & spirit calm, which is why I’m passing the knowledge along to you.

Happy Feet Trio Treatment 

Soak –

Add distilled water to a foot tub. Mix with  Epsom salt  &/or powdered milk +  a handful of dried flowers. My favorite botanicals for soaks include  Calendula, Rose & Lavender.

Scrub –

After your soak, pat your feet dry &  gently scrub the dead skin off the bottom & sides of your feet.  I usually make a coffee & brown sugar blend and massage small handfuls onto my feet in a circular motion. (Coming back to the site soon.) Whenever I’m feeling lazy I use a natural-ish brand I find in CVS or Target, tonight I used the   brand. Work the mix in for about a minute on each foot, trust it is going to feel amazing. If you want to take it a step further use an electric file, like Amope after your scrub for another minute to  further exfoliate each foot.


Once clean and exfoliated, hydrate the skin with a rich foot cream or butter. This is another opportunity to massage your feet. Add your own oil blend. if you’d like, and finish with clean white cotton socks. Which allow the skin to breathe while absorbing all the love & nutrients it just received.

Change up your rituals, so they incorporate  your feet. You will see and feel a difference. Foot care is far more than the nails. Carve out  a little more time so you can love on yourself head to toe. You deserve it Queen. Name your favorite foot care products & rituals below.



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