Your style is struggling because you aren’t shopping at these three budget friendly stores.  For most of us, the older you get – the less money you have for clothes. Or maybe it’s that you care less, shit starts to get realer than what you’re going to wear. You have bills to pay, your only going to work, insert any other excuse here. You should always care about your appearance. Being a personal stylist my whole college career  revealed two ways women waste major money.  Either they shop for poorly made, cheap versions of their favorite fashions that after 3 wears, lose their shape and initial appeal. Or they are serial clearance rack shoppers, who fill their cart with items that will never work and aren’t worth the discount. Don’t waste your time or money on buys you don’t feel your best in.  There are retailers like the below that grant  access to a plethora of quality brands at a pleasant price point.

Budget Friendly shopping

A real woman’s wardrobe should be the collection of various retail channels, brands & bartering between your best girls.  Life changes, and so does your wardrobe. There will be times, you can’t afford the stuff you love, and that’s totally fine. Shopping at the below is affordable & offers quality apparel & footwear. When your one with your style , labels, seasons and fads make no difference. Everyone should have a handful of budget friendly stores like the below, I mean shop & save – who really objects to that? Right. Smart women shop strategically, these 3 gems have all you need under one roof.

Nordstrom Rack 

Find  Nordstrom brands with  budget friendly price tags, say  50-60% off the original.  This retailer offers an incredible selection of brand-name apparel, accessories and shoes for the entire family.


A store filled with on-trend designer fashion for ladies, men and kids. Shop the latest shoes, handbags, home décor and more.

TJ Maxx

Your discount designer destination.  The store boast about  having something for everyone, at prices just right for you.

Shop with no stress, these 3 stores have your back, when your money is acting a lil funny. Do you shop at these stores or know of any other great style for less spots? Please share, so we can all get our closets stocked. Need some help finding looks to fit your style in stores like these? Shoot me an email, I’d love to help. Happy shopping loves!


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