These are my  fav sites to shop black beauty products, bout to be yours too. 

Is it really possible for a woman to have too many beauty products? Girl, I’m  a minimalist when it comes to most things, but makeup, is always welcome on my vanity. The majority of my looks are natural, when I’m feeling fancy maybe fake lashes or a bold lip, but I love to have options.  I rotate between four main retailers, each brand gives me access to a different selection.

beauty sites to bookmark


I get my Fenty & fragrance fix at Sephora, Ulta has Anastasia &  dope blogger collabs. When I’m shopping online Marjani & Vivrant are my go-to’s. Rather than scrolling through  infinite pages on well-known sites, I stick to a highly curated world of brown skin beauty. Which is why Vivrant & Marjani Beauty sites are top of list in my shopping sites folder.

Black Beauty Sites To Bookmark 

Marjani Beauty  is a cosmetics retailer for women of color, created by Kimberly Smith. The site was launched as a  platform where the collective diversity of women of color is celebrated. Visitors are able to shop a carefully curated selection of hair, skin, makeup and bathing products. Shop black owned & celebrate our beauty in a community of like-minded sisters. Bookmark them here.

Next up is Vivrant Beauty, founded by Desiree Verdejo, what started off as a chic brick and mortar store has migrated to the online space. The online studio offers a highly edited assortment of beauty products, majority black owned that enhance every regimen. Bookmark it here.

I love what these sites are doing,and dream of one day having my Taila.Made products grace their online assortment. Until then, I’ll continue to support & feed my beauty product obsession. Join me. Where are your favorite spots to shop for black beauty products? Tweet me to share!



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