Billboard Bound on my back & CRWN mag in my hand, I’m ready to look & live my best life in 2018..

It’s a new year, month, week & day -what are your goals? I plan on supporting & showcasing more indies in fashion  like Billboard Bound & CRWN while growing my own brand Taila.Made. Don’t be the person who gets caught up in planning your next move, evolve into it. I’m turning twenty-nine in about 2 weeks, and already feel myself moving different; enjoying more, complaining less & accurately aligning all emerging & existing pieces of me.

It’s my first day back on the block since the holidays. I’m keeping it cozy in my Billboard Bound trench, cashmere sweater, the fuzziest socks ever & Tims.

My resolution every year is to dress in alignment with wherever my spirit is. Most people don’t realize their outfit subtly reflects their inner emotions. I do, and so annually, I closet purge. This process allows me to release all of my outdated energy, looks & accessories. Broken down into a weekend, usually the 2nd one in the year, my purge consists of a day of cleansing & a day of cataloging. Minimalism & mindfulness are this Capricorn’s happy place,  for my final year in my 20’s I’m only living & looking my best. For me this looks like multi-functional pieces that can be styled into a handful of  intentional uniforms that allow for optimal on pointless. I’m over having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear – I’m trying to  adore everything I own, so it’s time for a new strategy.  Want to build a wardrobe your obsessed with? Always keep in mind these 3 things.

HH Billboard Bound 3

Only buy things you love. . .

Rule number one, I’m not allowing a thing in my closet I’m not crazy about. I’m talking it has to fit, flatter and make me glow in order to be purchased. You can dress well, and not waste money – this is how you start.  Fashionista’s buy it all, because every garment has a story while style mavens only buy items that sing their specific song. Pinterest is a great way to create a style vision, that can be refined & built upon over time. Start here, see what looks, you continuously pin, let that be a start.

Quality basics are better in the long run . .

Simplicity is the epitome of timeless style, elements like color, fit & feel  take a basic tee to a low key luxury. I always advise my clients to invest in 4-8 great tee’s. They are a staple of most looks, why not opt for the high quality cotton version that is a few dollars more? You know this is an item that will be in constant rotation – it may pay off to spend a little more so it will last a little longer. You always get what you pay for, up your standard  & watch effortless everyday options to follow.

Add personality with statement pieces. .

This can be a dope jacket, your favorite Gold hoops, shoes or a bag.  Any piece that adds a glimpse of your personality, is important. I think of my looks in layers, I start with my chic foundation and elevate with accessories and custom pieces, i.e. my Billboard bound jacket.

Hibernation is a real thing in our house, these below freezing temps mean you will barely ever  see me. I literally bribe myself out of the house each day with cute outfits & new makeup.

Day’s like today – when it’s freezing always remember to layer your look. This technique allows your to be creative with your pattern pairings while insulating the body against extreme temperatures. Fashion & a lil frost never hurt anybody but whyy do it to yourself when you can layer up in basics & statements? Camel coats are my jam of the moment – anyone else obsessed? Share your favorite coat with me on twitter or IG.



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