Haute Hemisphere is a digital platform for fashion, beauty and wellness lovers, dreamers, and doers. The Haute Hemisphere team believes in a holistic approach to personal style, branding, and self-care practices that leave today’s ambitious creatives balanced, radiant, and ready to take action! We cherish Indies and go out of our way to discover and report on the best affordable luxury brands and services for today’s Royal creative. (Have an idea – link us)


Haute Hemisphere originally debuted in 2012 by Founder Taila Jenelle. Over  the next 3 years, she transitioned between the blog and the Taila.Made brand until she  burned out of blogging. In 2015 Haute Hemisphere went on hiatus as Taila took the time to find creative direction and  overall purpose within herself. During this time she discovered her connection to natural healing through crystals, Kemetic Reiki, and natural skincare formulation. A year after launching her skincare line Taila.Made – her hands, once cracked & bloodied from serve hand eczema were healed. She has been promoting natural skincare and a mindful diet ever since.

Haute Hemisphere was launched for today’s Queen – the woman of sophistication, intelligence, and poise. The woman who knows her worth and the value her presence brings. She is creative and has a business to birth but may struggle with confidence, anxiety, and personal presentation doubts that leave her dreaming – and never doing.  We create content for the woman with a Queen’s spirit who is ready to elevate her personal style, beauty regimen, and overall well-being so she can authentically position herself for a life of purposeful prosperity.


Utilize Haute Hemisphere for shopping suggestions, conscious conversation, and creative inspiration and guidance. Our team works diligently to build relationships with creatives around the globe to ensure coverage of all things natural, elevated and affordable. Our stories showcase the power of image and honor the underrepresented Queen in all of her shades, and splendor. So pull up a chair- grab your favorite tea,  and get ready to start building your blueprint. You have things to do, an image to polish and a business to build! Let us connect you with expert information, and all the visual beauty you can stand. There is even a section for your King, so your swags  can subtly complement.  We encourage you to interact – be it a comment or email, to share your favorites posts with your tribe, whatever works for you. We are here to give you the goods so you can go Prosper in Purpose. Check out our contact pages for  information on how to be featured.